It’s a bit too long to be a postscript to the previous post. Noticing the new json API on zKillboard, I used it to quickly grab my own kill history since the beginning of my combat career. While it doesn’t actually contain information on ISK value of kills, so I’d need to do a lot more to recalculate ISK efficiency data, it makes it quite trivial to apply the concept of fractional kill itself. A fractional kill at the very least makes the number of kills always equal the number of losses across the board.1

Well, now I see why nobody actually does that. :)

According to zKillboard, my total kill credit is 90, and 12 of these kills are solo.2 To counteract that, I have 26 total losses on record, and 13 of them are to solo attackers.

However, once I count as fractions of a kill those kills made with assistance of other players and award myself equal partial credit for every kill made in a gang, my total kill credit becomes only 31.39. (!) From a 3.46 ratio, to an 1.2 ratio — I still kill more often than I die, but I don’t look anywhere quite as efficient anymore. It would probably look considerably better if I could do the same for ISK values of items lost and destroyed, since we tend to fly carefully designed gangs of cheap ships that kill stuff that far exceeds the total price tag of the entire gang, but the drop in perceived efficiency would be just as substantial.

For comparison, I pulled the stats for my CEO, who’s a much more experienced PVP player than I am while having just about the same number of skillpoints, and the same API call returned 100 kills,3 of which 50 are proper solo, and 40 losses, of which 10 are to solo attackers. That makes for a 2.5 kill/death ratio. With fractional kill credit, he only gets 61.13 kills — a 1.52 ratio. Another ex-corpmate of mine, a much more active pilot who is far poorer in skillpoints than either of us, only gets 23.93 fractional credit to his name out of 100 regularly credited kills, which is far less than his number of losses, even though with regular kill credits his stats look ok.

I guess I can stop hoping that killboard stats ever reflect any measure of truth with numbers like that. :)

  1. Obviously, discounting non-PVP losses, which don’t show up in API reports anyway.

  2. I don’t play that much and did no PVP before starting Faction Warfare six months ago, and almost all of these kills were made during the three summer months. Somehow it misses 9 more kills that Eve-kill.net does count, though. As a side note, I’m not counting NPCs as attackers, as the stealth anti-plexing tactic, for example, relies on NPC DPS to make a kill, which in my eyes doesn’t make it less of a solo victory.

  3. Which is less than half of his total on this character according to zKillboard itself. Apparently this API call only returns the last 100 kills, and there’s no way to get more yet.