After some deliberation, I have decided that the most practical way to get killboard stats into something resembling sanity is to apply the idea of fractional kill credit. That is, whenever you make a kill while in a group, whether you were with them or not, for whatever reason they’re on a killmail, the entire sum of ISK value of the kill, and the kill credit itself (which is 1 — one ship destroyed, one kill) is split between everyone mentioned on the killmail, assuming they are a player.

It might not be perfect, but:

  1. I don’t really have any more sensible ideas that wouldn’t produce one or another argument that the result is arbitrary.
  2. It’s easy, even trivial to apply.

While I don’t really have the time on hand at the moment to dig around the source of a popular killboard like Eve-kill, I have instead written a script, that interrogates Eve-kill.net for kills pertaining to a player and computes the result, it’s simple and actually self-contained. You may use it to check the stats for yourself or any other player, provided you know their Eve-kill.net pilot ID — the plt_id parameter in the URL of their killboard page. Sorry, no fancy interface is included, and I’m not generally any good at those — but the source is, maybe someone crafty and more energetic can put it to good use. The program asks for one commandline parameter, pilot ID, and, after some deliberation, spits out the results of their lifetime career — both kills counted as they usually are, and applying fractional kill credit.


No guarantees are made, full source code is included, yadda, yadda, for twenty minutes of work, I think it does fine. Use that as you will, unpack somewhere and do your best, or worst, as the case may be.