I know that whatever results I get aren’t going to be representative, if only because this blog is not very popular, and if this post somehow gets popular, it’ll probably be through Reddit, which will skew the results.

But I’m curious, so might as well ask the audience, and you never know.

As I mentioned in the previous post regarding Malcanis’ Law, a certain gap appears to exist between the end of the trial period — 14 to 21 days from initial signup — and the moment when a character becomes capable of fruitful participation in established groups, which most corps seem to put at 5 million skillpoints, not attainable earlier than 90 days from initial signup.

Before the 14 days elapse, you’re under no obligation to make a decision to subscribe, you’re still learning the initial ropes. After the 90 days elapse, you probably have enough SP to fill a role, and once you do, you’re likely to stay on indefinitely with interest waxing and waning. But before that, something has to motivate you to pay for a subscription, not once, but at least twice.

Did I miss anything? In fact, please write more of your own experience if it doesn’t fit into any of these categories, that will be enlightening.