If you trust my cursory reading of some academic works on Mayan history, Ancient Mayans believed a few interesting things:

  1. The world is flat, square, and infinite in all directions.
  2. Gods are the embodiment of mathematical constants and multiple overlapping concurrent natural cycles.
  3. All types of productive activity, from growing maize to producing pots and jewelry have the innate purpose of glorifying the gods.

Which leads to a few amusing conclusions:

  1. Mayans lived in a procedurally generated universe made of flat square tiles, not unlike Ultima Online.
  2. Mayans knew about the existence of the laws of game mechanics, even though they were not fully understood.
  3. They believed the life’s ultimate purpose to be gaining XP by crafting.
  4. The whole b’ak’tun end-of-cycle nonsense is just the scheduled release date of the next expansion, which, as expected, results in a patch day.

Everyone here knows the dangers of a patch day. I’ll be back with further overly long lectures once the associated mess settles in. :)